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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 10:23   Written by Alessio Marzo   in K2Custom Twit it!
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Through K2Custom you will be able to insert your HTML, JS and CSS code for your personal k2 template with all the features you want.
Insert the codes in K2Custom special fields and It will transofm the code in a real K2Template!
Today you can add php scripts and Joomla functions too. This will allow any Designers to create, use, sell and share their K2 Template.
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To install K2Custom you need to use the standard joomla's installation tool.
After that you can open your K2 category and select k2custom in the template selectbox (top-right).
Below the description field you'll see 2 special fields (HTML and CSS). You can add in your code.

How it works? I'll explain it in the next paragraph.


The procedure can be summarized in a few easy steps:
1. Create your personal item's template using any HTML and CSS editor and put in sample content. When you see It works go to second step.
2. Probably your template will use some images. Upload the images where you want in joomla (you can use Media Manager too).
Pay attention to check the paths of images into your HTML! These paths must be inserted in accordance with the paths of your uploaded images.
3. Take your HTML code and begin to replace the sample code with specific k2custom's tag (you can find the tags below or in the attached files).
Ex. <div align="center">This is the title of the article: {title} </div>
4. Insert HTML and CSS codes in their K2Custom's fields (in the category editing).
With new 1.5 version you can add php scripts and Joomla functions too
Ex. <?php echo date("Y-m-d"); ?>
5. Create a Item under this category and test it on frontend!


A. The extension is not compatible with k2 Plugins that use to replace code blocks.
For example: all comments plugin can't be used with K2Custom, because the extension is created for standard k2's comment engine.
B. There are some fixed css class into the extension which can be used to modify the styles of preformatted html parts.
For example: the comments block, the comment form, and other small blocks have a fixed HTML code and CSS class. You can act on these parts trough fixed class names.
You will find these fixed class into the K2Custom's CSS field (as default value).
C. The extension's tags style are protected by specidifc ID attibute. This would remove all CSS overrides from your joomla template. However you could find some joomla css override which could modify your tag style.
Don't worry! You can force your style to appear.
For example:  #customid div {color:red!important;}


Name TAG Note
Title {title} Title of the item
IntroText {introText} Introduction text
FullText {fullText} Full text
Gallery {gallery} Image Gallery (JoomlaWorks Plugin)
Video {video} Video code block
    ...more and more TAGS in attached files!
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bukaist wrote on Sunday, 30 January 2011 13:28
Alessio Marzowrote on Tuesday, 18 January 2011 11:17
Alessio MarzoThis is a quick guide to use K2Custom. In the next future, if our extension gain success, we will try to open a dedicated support forum for the k2 template developers!

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